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Monday, February 24, 2014

Wedding Gowns with Beautiful Backs

Most brides purchase a wedding gown that focuses most of the attention on the front of their dress. But there is no reason to forget about the back! Remember that during your ceremony your guests will only be able to see the back of your dress, so put yourself in their shoes and give them something to admire during the ceremony! Image the shots your photographer will be able to capture from the back of the ceremony site!

Enjoy the following wedding gowns with deep backs, elegant illusion backs, and backs that have just as much beading and details as the neckline.

Stunning Wedding Dresses by Anna Campbell 2013
This vintage-inspired Luxe Taffeta designer wedding gown features a waterfall of pearls and jewels on the back and hundreds of Diamante crystals hand-sewn on the fitted bodice. The skirt flows full into a jewel-adorned court train.
Ines-DiSanto-Spring-2014-Wedding-Dresses (19)
rosa clara bridal 2014 soft ulric sleeveless high neck beaded sheath wedding dress illusion portrait back
vintage wedding dress bridal style inspiration from Etsy 1
Delilah full length front by Sarah Janks Fall 2014 Collection
Stunning Wedding Dresses by Anna Campbell 2013

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

A 2014 Wedding Trend...Beaded Gowns

Lovely bead work that will have your guests staring closely at your wedding dress to admire the art of it all is one of the big trends for 2014.  It is all in the details.  See all the beauty beaded gowns hold!

rosa clara bridal 2014 soft ulric sleeveless high neck beaded sheath wedding dress
lazaro spring 2014 bridal strapless fit and flare gold wedding dress style lz 3409
lazaro spring 2014 wedding dress style 3401 strapless beaded gown
Stunning Wedding Dresses by Anna Campbell 2013
So now that you see just what we’re talking about when we say, the details matter. Think you’ll wear a beaded gown down the aisle on your big day? Share your opinion below! We always want to hear from you.  

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Dusty Blue Wedding Ideas

Dusty blue creates a gorgeous and subtle palette for a wedding. The grayish blue color is calming, yet beautifully striking.  It is a wonderful color for bridesmaids' dresses.  It looks great on every skin tone. Pair it with white and it creates a clean, dramatic look fitting for anyone's dream wedding.  Enjoy all the touches of dusty blue that could be added to your special day.

dusty blue fairytale wedding dress
Simply By Tamara Nicole: Seattle Weddings: ~Dusty Blue Wedding Inspiration~
wedding bouquets
blue grooms boutonnieres
dusty miller with blue hydrangea for bridesmaid bouquets and arrangements

Have you chosen the colors for your wedding?  Do you plan to use dusty blue as your color palette?  Please share your ideas for your wedding.  We love to hear from our readers.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Why Hire a Wedding Planner?

For most couples, their wedding day will probably be the most expensive day of their life. Soyou may want to consider some guidance when spending that much money. 

You consult with an expert for advice when buying a house or going on a special vacation.  So why not consult with an expert when you are planning such an important day?

If you haven't already read an earlier blog by Christine Boulton, "Do You Need a Wedding Planner? Would You Remodel Your Home Without a General Contractor?" Christine made some great points for hiring a wedding planner when you are talking about one of the most important days in your life and spending that much money.  Hiring a wedding planner might seem like an extravagant extra, but it could be the best investment you make.

I think couples are reluctant to spend money on a wedding planner especially if they are working with a tight budget.  

Other vendors that are hired for a wedding have tangible items to offer...things you can either see, hear, taste or feel.  A florist...the flowers, a dj...the music, a caterer...the food, photographer...the pictures.  

Tangible items are not what wedding planners are offering.  

Wedding planners are the ones who pull the vendors, bride and groom, wedding party, guests, officiant and others all together to make the day run seamlessly.  Wedding planners are also the ones to assist you with staying in your wedding budget which in the long run could save you money.

Wedding planners are the ones in the background taking care of all the details...big and small, making sure the couple's wishes are being met, handling any unexpected situations, keeping everything on schedule and making sure everything flows without any hitches.

Wedding Planners are there to keep the stress away from the bride, groom and their families so they will be able to enjoy their special day. 

I always compare wedding planners to a duck...always calm and unruffled on the surface but paddling like the devil underneath!

To me, a wedding planner should be the first vendor you hire.  

Wedding planners have experience with many different types of weddings and will be with you every step on the way to lend their expert advice.  

A good wedding planner is not going to push their ideas on the couple.  They are going to carry out and support the ideas that the couple has for their wedding day. 

At It's Your Party, we first meet with the couple to understand the ideas they have for their wedding day.  We find out exactly what they have envisioned for their wedding day. Then we make suggestions on ways to bring their vision to life. 

We put our couple's wishes first. We are happy to share ideas of things that have worked great in the past.   But on the other hand, if we feel something is not going to work, we will also share that information as well. In the end, the final decision will be left up to the couple.

It's Your Party has worked with brides for up to a year prior to their wedding day.  We have also planned a wedding in a matter of weeks....5 to be exact!  For that wedding, we pulled together vendors, rentals, decor, etc. for the rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony and wedding reception.  It turned out to be one of our favorite weddings.  This was all done with a couple who lived in another state. 

It's Your Party has worked with some wonderful vendors and venue owners over the years. This is the group that we affectionately call...Folks We Love! These vendors are always extremely professional, highly qualified and willing to go the extra mile. So a wedding planner is able to assist you with finding the best people for your wedding day. They will also know the right questions to ask and help you decide who is the best fit for your wedding day.

A wedding planner is also there to help relieve the stress off of your shoulders. There can always be an unexpected situation that comes up either prior to the wedding or on the wedding day itself that could turn into a disaster. A wedding planner is able to deal with those stressful situations for you turning the planning process and especially your wedding day into an fun and enjoyable time for you and everyone involved.

There have been several situations that we have handled as wedding planners that could have turned into...if not a disaster a very unpleasant situation.  One of those times, a couple had booked a DJ who had an unexpected emergency come up and had to cancel a month prior to the wedding.  We were on the phone immediately calling another DJ so that when we spoke with the bride the next day there would be someone else in place. I will also add the DJ who had to cancel had also contacted another that shows you we work with some great people.

At another wedding that we coordinated, the bride's mother had hired someone to drive the guests between the hotels and ceremony site.  There was a mix up at the rental car company, which was not under our contract. We hustled around called some people we know and we drove guests from the hotels to and from the ceremony site.  This was all kept away from the bride, groom and their families so not to interfere with their special day.

At one of the wedding receptions we were coordinating, the friend who was providing the table linens did not bring enough for all the tables the day of the wedding. Our business has many many items that we use at weddings including table linens. So we drove out to our storage building and picked up the number of linens that we needed. The bride or her family never knew this was happening...I'm not sure if they ever even realized what had happended. 

Just think how stressful any one of these examples could have been on the couple or her family the day of the wedding if they hadn't hired a wedding planner. But because they had, the stress was kept away from the couple and they could enjoy their wedding day.  This is just another way that hiring a wedding planner is definite plus.  
It's Your Party always wants the stress to be at a minimal for the couple and their family.

There are always things that come up prior to and day of the wedding that a wedding planner is able to handle so the bride and groom do not have any added stress. 

As you are planning your wedding, you will have many questions concerning your wedding and it is wonderful to have a wedding professional who is able to answer all of  those questions for you. 

For one of the most important days of your life, do you really want to leave it to chance instead of hiring a wedding professional who has helped to plan many many weddings.

The money you spend on hiring a wedding planner for such an important day in your life, will be worth every penny in the end. 

If you hired a wedding planner for your wedding, please share your experience.  We love hearing from our readers.
Thank you, It's Your Party!
Do You Need a Wedding Planner? Would You Remodel Your Home Without a General Contractor? - See more at:
Do You Need a Wedding Planner? Would You Remodel Your Home Without a General Contractor? - See more at: