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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Unique Guestbook Ideas

Are you looking for a creative and unique alternative to the typical Guestbook? There are lots of creative ways to remember who helped you celebrate your fantastic wedding day and record all the guests who came to share the joy of the celebration. Here are some wonderful ideas you might consider using.

For those couples who have a timeless vintage or travel style wedding, using old postcards as guestbook complements it. 

Instead of having a book to sign the couple hung a wooden swing from a tree for guests to write on.

A couple's monogram for the guests to sign and hang in their new home. 

Instead of a guestbook, have each guest highlight their favorite Bible verse and sign their name beside it.The couple will use this as their family Bible for years to come.

Guests signing wine bottles is a perfect idea for the couple who are particularly fond of a glass of wine. This also makes a lovely keepsake to open on their first anniversary.

If you have a photo booth at your wedding, you could use the photos to add to an album for guests to leave a message.

Turn your engagement photos into a book and have the guests sign it for a special keepsake.

Use a thumbprint guest book at your wedding! And after the event, you can frame it – it’d be perfect wall art in your home! 

As an alternative to the thumbprint style, your guests could bring this art print to life by autographing each leaf. This guest book print is the perfect way to capture your wedding memories and doubles as a beautiful piece of art for your home for years to come.

If you have a band or love music, you might want to repurpose one of your guitars into a guest book. Or if there is a particular member of your family such as father or grandfather who has passed away and was a musician, it is a special way to honor their memory. Then it could be displayed on the wall.

An old typewriter to use for guests to leave special messages for the couple.

Set out rocks on a table with a sign that explains, "Instead of a guest book, please sign a rock for our garden and put it in the tray."

For a unique idea for a guestbook, use letter-writing paper sheets in the style of vintage hankies.  Guests can pick them off a line to write little notes to the newlyweds and then hang them back up for display.

Custom made map guestbooks are from Totally Salinda and add a personalized touch to your wedding and offer a perfect place for your guests to leave words of love and congratulations.

I hope these unique guestbook ideas have inspired you.  If you have an idea that would make an awesome guestbook, please share it with us.