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Monday, July 4, 2016

Wedding in a Small Southern Town ~ South Carolina

This lovely November wedding took place in a small historic town in South Carolina.  The bride and groom live near Atlanta but decided to have their wedding in a place that the bride had so many fond memories. While growing up, the bride visited her grandparents in Abbeville, SC and had fallen in love with its charm and history.  The bride's father, uncles and aunt had grown up in Abbeville but had since moved away.  Even though her grandparents had passed away, the bride's love of the town had lived on. 
Abbeville, SC was settled in 1758 by a group of French Huguenots. The city played a key role during the Civil War, and the legacy remains pristinely preserved.  Abbeville is calied the "Birthplace and Deathbed of the Confedarcy", because it was here that Jefferson Davis made some of his most important decisions as President of the Confederacy. On what is now known as Secession Hill, the meeting which launched the state's secession from the Union took place on November 22, 1860.  Five years later in 1865, Jefferson Davis and his cabinet decided to dissolve the Confederacy at the Burt-Stark Mansion, a stately home right off from Abbeville's historic Court Square. 

Abbeville's Victorian setting attracts thousands of visitors each year who combine an afternoon and evening of shopping, dinner and then a show at the Opera House. Tourists are also drawn to the City's significant historic district which boasts dozens of restored homes and businesses. 
City of Abbeville, South Carolina

The wedding ceremony took place at the First Baptist Church in Abbeville where the bride's grandparents had been active members for many years.
The wedding reception took place at The Livery Stable.  Purple is the bride's favorite color and was used the table linens, the beautiful floral arrangements, the guests' favors just to name a few.
The Livery Stable is located on Trinity Street in historic downtown Abbeville.  The original Livery Stable, built in 1840s was used to board horses until 1872, when it was destroyed by fire.  The current stable was built in the 1870s on the same site as the original building.  In 2010, the Livery Stable was renovated as part of the Trinity Street Enhancement Project and is now the site of many special events. 
~ Abbeville Livery Stable 
The bride and groom's cake topper was so adorable and added another personal touch to their day.


Photographer:  Michelle Brooks Photography

Caterer:  Corley's Market & Grill

Cupcakes:  Main Street Coffee Company

Venue:  The Livery Stable

Rentals:  Event Rentals

Florist:  Petals & Blooms

Wedding Planners:  It's Your Party! Events & Weddings