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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ever Denine Ziegler, guest blogger

Ever Wonder... 

...I am always wondering about things like Jesus and grace and mercy, the life we live and more, the legacy we leave behind.

 This is me. Not exactly a Glamour Shot but my husband took this photo last weekend to use for the shameless promotion of my burgeoning SOAPS BY DENI business.

I've been making my own 99% organic goat milk and oatmeal based soap for nearly a year now. Actually, come Thanksgiving it will have been a year since I crafted the first batch of oatmeal & honey. What a fun year it has been. I've been blessed to help friends and family who need soap for various allergies and medical issues, like eczema and psoriasis.  

I am now branching out into the fun world of bath products, room sprays, muscle rubs and such. A year ago I believed I was making soap for myself to save $$ on the organic goat soap I'd been buying.  

All I can say is, God is good. It's not cliche in this case because I've loved meeting my customers in person and hearing your stories. We all share a common thread of allergies or just wanting to make the world a better place by not using toxic chemicals and synthetic ingredients on our bodies. I mean, we are doing a good thing together.

I've been able to give back to my local community by donating a proceed from each bar that I sell to Greenwood's Meals on Wheels program. I've been able to help others go on mission trips as well, or to pay it forward in the drive-thru lane. Blessing others has definitely blessed me, far beyond all that I could imagine.

In closing, I appreciate those who have been there with me since the beginning...KK you get your due props here as being my #1 fan and "soap pimp" in GWD. I love ya'll. til next time, breathe. namaste

Deni is a former client, friend and fellow blogger.  We met Deni over a year and a half ago.  A friend of hers who had attended a wedding reception that It's Your Party catered gave her our information.  Deni's daughter was making plans for a May 3, 2012 wedding.  
Beck and I met with Deni, her husband, the bride and groom to discuss It's Your Party's catering services and menu options.  We later prepared some food for a tasting around the Christmas holidays when the bride and groom would be in town. 
In January, I  got a call from Deni.  While they were home and together, the bride and groom decided they didn't want to wait until May to get married.  So they pulled a wedding together in a very short amount of time....and even used some of the food from the tasting!
We were happy for the couple and completely understood. And just to let you know how things always work out, in March we received an email  from a couple who had a second home in the area and were planning to get married on May 3rd!! 
In the world of small business, there is nothing better than the connections you make with clients and other vendors.  We love to recommend Soaps by Deni to our wedding favors, bridesmaid's gifts, welcome bag additions and hostess gifts. Deni has made her organic soap even more special by donating part of the proceeds to such a worthwhile cause as Meals on Wheels. 
~ Jane White, It's Your Party!
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