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Friday, August 16, 2013

30 Nautical Wedding Ideas

The dictionary defines nautical as relating to, or involving ships, navigation or sailors. A nautical theme wedding would have items throughout the event that fits with that definition. The use of sailor knots, anchors, maritime flags, lifesaver buoys, boats and more are perfect for a nautical theme wedding.  The popular colors to use with a nautical wedding are blue, white, yellow and red. If you are a beach lover, fish lover, boating lover or just love to travel this is a perfect theme for you since your wedding should reflect what is important to you and your fiance. Take a look at the photos for ideas that you could do to make your wedding day extra special.  

Classic Nautical Florida Wedding
Navy and White Table Decor
Classic Nautical Florida Wedding
White Lantern and Mason Jars Tied with Rope
Classic Nautical Florida Wedding
Navy and White Wedding Party Attire
Place Setting with Starfish
Seersucker Suits
Boat Oars for the Guests to Sign
Beautiful, Chic Nautical Wedding Inspiration
Wedding Cake with Waves and Nautical Rope
madison al wedding photographer
White Dress with Navy and White Sash
nautical wedding sign in book Key West, Florida Destination Wedding
Fish Inspired Guest "Book"
Vintage Nautical Wedding Photography Style Shoot
Bouquet Tied with a Navy and White Ribbon
Newlywed Chairs
Newlywed Chairs 
wedding party on a boat
Wedding Party Nautical Attire
nautical Connecticut wedding
Nautical Wedding Cake with Anchors
Nautical Wedding
Just Married Life Preserver
Nautical Wedding Sign
Embossed Ship's Log as the Guest Book
nautical Connecticut wedding
Compass Favor Used for the Place Cards
Nautical Wedding - 7 Nautical Rope Table Number Holders - Set of 7 little wedding knots for your beach wedding
Nautical Rope Table Number Holder
Jessica Invites
Custom Wedding Invitation
Nautical Flower Girl Dresses

Do You Need a Wedding Planner? Would You Remodel Your Home Without a General Contractor?

The following posting is from a fellow blogger, Christine Boulton, who has been in the wedding industry for 25 years. She concentrates on helping small wedding businesses succeed. I found this blog posting to be a wonderful way to explain why a wedding planner is so important. The explanation is so simple, so clear and so important! ~ It's Your Party!

I don’t get it. Why would you take on a project that can cost you anywhere from $10,000 to, well, as high as you want to go without having a professional by your side?
Here is the thing, would you take on a major home remodeling project without hiring a general contractor? Of course not. I know, you are asking how are those even remotely the same. Let me ask you,
“How are they different?”
  • Both have budgets in at least the 5 figure range. That is a LOT of money.
  • In both instances you want a high degree of personalization. In short, you want YOUR dream to be executed.
  • Both will require a long list of sub-contractors that you have most likely never dealt with before.
  • Both require tight scheduling to make sure everything comes together on time and on budget.
  • Both are going to have glitches and unexpected issues pop up that someone is going to have to deal with.
  • The results of both are going to be with you for a long, long time.

Am I beginning to make some sense here?

All those things listed above are what a wedding planner does.

  • They know which vendors are reliable and match your style.
  • They help you translate your dreams to the people who are going to make them come true.
  • They know all about how your venue works in terms of timing and convenience for load in.
  • It is their job to keep that timeline on track so
  • , for example, the flowers show up after the tables are set up, dinner is served hot and the MC know when to do the first dance.
  • It is their job to keep all those sub-contractors working together on the right plan.
  • They are there to look you right in the eye and say “Yes you can have that, but you are going to have to give up XYZ”
  • They are there to handle those last-minute glitches and issues in a way that you don’t even know they happened.
  • There is a wealth of information online today on how to plan a wedding, but until you actually do it, you have no idea of everything involved.
    Seriously, when you look at it in this light, why would you even think of not hiring a wedding planner for one of the days you are going to remember for the rest of your life.
    Sure, I could watch HGTVDIY NetworkHouse Crashers and This Old House until my eyes bleed but one episode of Holmes on Homes or DIY Disaster will cure my ass of thinking I can remodel my kitchen on my own!
    By: Christine Boulton