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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Wedding At The Historic Wyche Pavilion ~ Greenville, South Carolina

Our first meeting with Jessica was about six months prior to their wedding day.  Jessica went over the details that she and Trey had already planned. She pointed out that their date was October 31st but that they weren't crazy Halloween people! So this wasn't an over the top Halloween themed wedding.

Jessica and Trey had already chosen the venue and their vendors. The venue was the perfect choice for this them and the vendors were all great. Working with everyone from the couple to all the professionals was a joy for us.  All those involved in making this wedding day exactly what Jess and Trey had dreamed  of are listed below.

Please enjoy Kristy Kaliope Photography's beautiful images of Jess and Trey's wedding day along with all the details Jess shared about their special day.

~ Jane White, coordinator for It's Your Party!

Trey and I love southern style and culture so The Wyche Pavilion located in Greenville, South Carolina was the perfect site for our wedding. Trey absolutley loves history so the history of the building was very special to him.  The Wyche Pavilion was orginally built as a paint shop for the carriage factory and later it became the home to the first Duke's Mayonnaise factory.  The exposed brick and the river in the background makes the Pavilion such a beautiful, elegant and romantic venue you couldn't go wrong with this for your wedding. But the one thing that sold us on the pavilion was Larkins catering the events there. They have one of the best menus to choose from in Greenville...from wines to hors d'oeuvres to the best steaks. We were able to sit down and have a private taste test. And if you decide to change something, they will gladly accommodate you.
We wanted our guests to enjoy the river and outdoor views of the venue. We decided to use a clear tent for the cocktail hour so the guests could see the stars at night with beautiful string lights. Everything set such a romantic mood.
We chose to have our wedding on Halloween night. We tied the decorations together with the candy bar, signs on the bar and subtle hints of white pumpkins. We stayed away from using orange to give a more elegant look.
We chose long black dresses for the bridesmaids and black tuxedos for the gentlemen. The guys also wore skull bow ties that made the tux "pop" and gave just a subtle touch for a Halloween wedding.
We decided to go with neutral colors for our wedding. We used antique white linens and beige overlays with beige and white flowers to tie everything together. We loved the flowers the florist chose for the wedding. We decided at the last minute to use larger arrangements along with shorter ones. This all gave the venue a wonderful elegant look along with the candles, chandeliers and draped fabric.
My favorite part of the day was walking down the aisle in my perfect dress to the man I will now wake up to every morning. Just seeing the look on Trey's face as I walked towards him will forever be remembered.
Trey's favorite part of the day was the food and drinks!  It was great to see so many of our friends come to celebrate our special day with us. But of course Trey loved the part..."you may now kiss your bride."
We wanted to make sure we had great desserts! Everyone goes straight to the dessert table as soon as they have finished their meal.  We used The Bakery Off Augusta in Greenville. They were fabulous! We decided to have an assortment of desserts as well as the wedding cake. Everything was so fresh and perfect. We would totally recommend them!

We decided we wanted to splurge on the band...and we are so happy we did!  We chose a 9 piece band that played classic rock and oldies which is our favorite type of music. The best part about a wedding reception is the dancing, right?  Music can make or break a wedding reception and we did it right with "Right to Party"  out of Charlotte, NC.  We would definitely recommend them for any type of celebration!

We chose Kristy Kaliope as our photographer and we are so happy that we did. Kristy was fantastic...from her spunky fun attitude to making you feel like family.  She was well organized and very flexible with taking pictures. We can now look back for years on all our great memories with the beautiful images Kristy capture of our wedding day. We would definitely recommend Kristy Kaliope Photography to anyone! 
Of course you can't have a wedding without a love story...and here is Jessica and Trey's !
Trey and I met in the Operating Room at the hospital where we both work.  With both of us wearing masks and surgical caps, it was hard to really "see" each other but it was love at first sight!  We continued to find each other in the hospital and then started hanging out after work. Since we are both in healthcare and having so much in common, it was a perfect match. Trey reminds me a lot of my father and that really sealed the deal.  He is such a gentleman and has such a big heart. I knew I had met my future husband.
Trey proposed to me one night before we went out to dinner. It was super sweet and perfect because it was just us!  He was so nervous (sweating) and I could tell something HUGE was about to happen. Of course I cried but the moment was perfect!
The one thing that we both have had to work on is compromise. Every person has their own way of doing things, and marriage sure does test those differences.  When I moved in with Trey, I had a hard time adjusting to his "man cave" atmosphere. But with great communication, we have both compromised and made it our home and it's perfect for us. Oh and did I mention, I brought along 3 pets...hahaha...but Trey has loved them as his own. Now we are a family of 5!