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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bridal Fashion & Accessories at Etsy

A variety of products are sold on Etsy which is focused on handmade or vintage items, as well as art and crafts products. Etsy also now offers wedding inspiration and guidance. It has become a great place to shop unique dresses, rings, accessories, decor and more for your wedding day.  I have searched many of the Etsy Wedding Shops for beautiful and unique bridal fashion and accessories for you to enjoy and hopefully find something perfect for your special day!

Tempest wedding gown
Elizabeth Dye (the english dept.)

beige/ivory/champagne bridal Vintage lace satin rosette flower roses wedding Sash belt
Rose Garden Bridal - Quality Vintage Accessories
Cathedral veil 108" circular bottom  pearls on top of combComes in Ivory and Diamond white 1 tier add a blusher
Jules Veils
Pale Blue Lace Wedding Shoes #lace shoes #blue wedding shoes #blue lace heel #vintage lace shoe
short bridesmaid dress, blush bridesmaid dress, chiffon bridesmaid dress, wedding bridesmaid dress, bridesmaid dress short, RE101
Wedding veil, birdcage veil with blusher and tulle pouf, ivory. Custom made
Jules Veils
Purple Amethyst Diamond Ring Gemstone Engagement Ring Custom Cushion Oval Setting 10K White Gold size 7
PenelliBelle  Bridal
JENNY Hair Accessories Bridal Comb Rose Gold Wedding Accessory-- Floral Beaded Hair Accessory for Wedding from Camilla Christine
Camilla Christine - Bridal Accessories & Jewelry
REAGAN Bridal Bracelet Rhinestone & Pearl Wedding Jewelry-- Rhinestone and Pearl Cluster Beaded Bracelet from Camilla Christine
Camilla Christine + Bridal Accessories & Jewelry
Champagne Lace Wedding Dress Inspired by Jim by bridalblissdesigns
bridalblissdesigns + Custom Made Wedding Gowns
Beaded Pearls Bracelet  Vintage Lace Beaded Cuff   by carellya
Carellya + Bridal & Fashion Accessories
thehoneycomb - Couture Bridal Hair Accessories...Custom Made
Rhinestone Bridal Necklace, Swarovski Pearl Wedding Necklace, Vintage Style Wedding Jewelry, Statement Bridal Necklace, FOREVER in BLOOM
luxedeluxe-  Wedding Bridal Jewelry with Vintage Glamour
Available at Nordstrom, Bridal Headpiece, Bridal Hair Flower, Champagne - The Renee
Serphine - Couture Bridal Accessories
Walkin On Air

I hope you were able to find something that you love for your wedding day. We always look forward to hearing from you.  So please share your comments with us.