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Friday, August 2, 2013

How About the Groom's Cake?

If you are from the south, you have probably seen many groom's cakes displayed at a wedding reception or rehearsal dinner.If not, you may remember the groom's cake from the movie "Steel Magnolias" starring Julia Roberts. It was a red velvet armadillo cake...not exactly the most appetizing of cakes.  Luckily most groom's cakes are definitely more appealing.

In the United States, a groom's cake is a wedding tradition typically associated with the South. While a wedding cake may often be decorated in white and light in texture or color, the groom's cake can take a variety of forms, possibly associated with groom's hobbies, favorite team,interests, etc. It is often served at a table separate from the wedding cake at a wedding reception or it may be served as a dessert for a rehearsal dinner.  

Although it used to be viewed as an added and unnecessary expense, this once-neglected cake has been making a huge comeback. Intended to be a gift from the bride to the groom.  Boxed slices of groom's cake can also serve as your wedding favors. If you go this route, take advantage of the opportunity to get creative with the packaging -- an additional way to reflect your wedding style.
College Team Theme
Book Theme
Groom cake!
Tuxedo Groom's Cake
Beer and Strawberries Groom's Cake
Red Sox Groom's Cake
[LSU Stadium Grooms Cake]
Football Stadium Groom's Cake
Hunting-themed groom’s cake for a wedding on the opening day of deer season. Message carved in the trunk says, “The Hunt is Over — E + R.” Six layers of pumpkin spice cake covered in buttercream and modeling chocolate “bark.” Hat is also pumpkin cake covered in fondant. Antlers are hand-painted and carved white chocolate. Rifle shells and camouflage base are made of fondant.
"The Hunt is Over" Cake
groom's cake alternatives
Alternative to a Groom's Cake
Video Game-Themed Groom’s Cake
Video Game Groom's Cake
The Groom’s Cake
Cake of Groom's Favorite Cap

Groom's Cake
"The Perfect Pair" Groom's Cake

Whether served at the reception or boxed up for favors, this sweet Southern tradition is taking hold at weddings across the land.  Are you having a groom's cake at your wedding?  Please share your comments.  We love hearing what our readers have to say.
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