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Monday, July 15, 2013

16 Unique Wedding Bouquets

If you are wanting to have a non-traditional and unique wedding, using a non-traditional bouquet is a great way to reach your goal. A bouquet made of brooches, feathers, buttons, ribbons, beads, pearls and more will not wither like normal flowers and make a great memory. It’s also a great idea for a themed wedding.  If your wedding is going to be on a beach, you can make a bouquet with shells, for a Fall wedding pumpkins and berries would be the perfect choice. Enjoy the 16 unique but beautiful bouquets that we have chosen for this blog.

Pearl Bouquet
White feather bridal/bridesmaid bouquet
White Feather Bridal Bouquet
Button Bouquet
Ribbon Bouquet
Ribbon Bouquet
Berry Bouquet
Snowberries Bouquet
qweddings1 e1315800717705 Wedding Bouquet Trends   Fall Bouquet Ideas
Fall Bouquet
Bouquet Bridal Wedding Flowers Rose Flower Peacock Bouquet- Unique Wedding Bouquet with Swarovski crystal White / Ivory handmade
Roses and Peacock Feathers Bouquet
Butterfly Bouquet
1x1.trans Fabulous Florals: 12 Unique Wedding Bouquets
Brooch Bouquet with Burlap
Anemones Bouquet
Beaded Bouquet
Tiny Bead Bouquet
Herbs and Flowers
Herbs and Flowers
Fall bouquet
Brooch Bouquet
Seashell Bouquet

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